YAP January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year Youth Artists!

I am so excited for this new year. So many things are happening fast. We have some new equipment in our studio and will be engaging in new processes for our printmaking and our brand-new 3D Printing elements class which will be hosted every Thursday. For students that are interested in attending art school, we need to start having some serious conversations about getting portfolios together and also making sure that we are able to come up with a strategic plan to get you into your first-choice school. We are providing some resources and collaborating with some people to help with FAFSA forms and also some workshops that are coming up that will engage you in applying for scholarships. Looking forward to seeing all of you in the new year and we are also looking forward to seeing some new faces in YAP. Please review the schedule for January and our overview of projects.

Friday, January 4th Volunteer for the Three Kings Day Celebration at Taller

This is a great way to get your community service hours in. Also for anyone who volunteers on Friday, January 4th at 3 p.m. will receive a 3 Kings day Gift from yours truly and Pizza for lunch.

Monday, January 7th YAP opens

Wednesday, January 9th Photography classes with Tony Rocco resumes

Thursday, January 10th new 3D printing class begins

YAP closed – Mon. Jan 21, Mon. Jan 28, Tue Jan 29

Portfolio review scheduled for the end of January Date TBA. Guest Artist Adoom Cusack.


We are having our bi-annual guest portfolio review in January as we were unable to have it in December. This should allow you to have more work to review and or finish pieces from the previous semester.

Semester Projects and Overview

2 – 3 color silkscreen process (January – February)

2D elements; Observational drawing and paintings (January – June)

Independent Projects (January – June)

Traditional Photography (January – June)

Fabric Printing (March – April)

3D Printing Elements (Every Thursday, January – May)

Live Model drawing (April. 4 sessions)

All artwork is due May 10th for Portfolio Exhibition.

2nd Annual Youth Artist Program Portfolio Exhibition 5/17/19 – 6/22/19