Social Justice Fashion

Update: November 20, 2020. YAP is no longer accepting applications. We will recruit for the Spring session after December 18.

The Youth Artist Program proposes a collaborative project with the Norris Square Neighborhood Project that utilizes screen printing to learn about design and brand-making. Our curriculum focuses on training youth to use the creative market to bring awareness to the history of social justice movements and their activists.

The project engages youth artists for in-person learning and would utilize both the Norris Square Neighborhood Project and the Youth Artist Program studios. Youth artists are contracted as designers to develop branding images for soft merchandise. Select products from each designer will be available online through the Julia de Burgos gift store, consignment shops, and local outdoor markets. 

Project Criteria

Social Justice Fashion is a seven week-long project, where youth designers in high school work in the studio twice a week. 

We have ten positions for youth designers.

We expect designers to work in the studio (in-person) for no less than 2 hours each session. The youth designer and YAP manager can negotiate the days to accommodate scheduling. 

YAP is selecting designers based on their visual art abilities and interest. We are looking for a variety of skill sets and perspectives on social justice and art. You must apply for either the Youth Artist Program or the Norris Square Neighborhood Project to participate in this project.

The stipend per semester for YAP students is $280.00 with a certificate of community service upon completion. 

The payment is in 2 installments: week 4 and week 7. Youth designers must complete their hours to receive the stipend.

YAP provides SEPTA key cards to assist with transportation. 

Products put to market are selected based on quality and market appeal. Determining which products go to market will be determined by the Teaching artists in conversation with the youth designer and the Gift Shop Manager. Youth Designers enter a contract where the program sells the products through the brand #socialjusticefashion. Each youth artist receives 60% of sales from products they designed and sold via multiple venues. All products are property of Taller Puertorriqueño’s Collaborative Project. The gift shop will be entitled to the customary 20% commission.  The other 20% will support future projects and the civil rights issues. 

The Youth designers receive a dossier, highlighting a list of social activities. Designers research their subject/s and develop their images for printing. The designer can also collaborate with others and work in groups. 

Program Benefits

The Youth Artist Program is unique in that it works to provide a studio practice that allows for independent and project work. YAP is the only program in the city that combines individual cultural engagement around Latin American art with advanced art training and resources for high school students aiming at college-level arts production. We also collaborate with professional artists in the field and have access to a nationally renowned art gallery with private tours and artist talks so that students can learn directly from these skilled artists. 

Social Justice fashion is engaging design practices that can work in the marketplace and bring awareness to real social issues that affect the youth today. Youth designers can take these skills and projects to their portfolio and the workforce.  

Project Timeline and Deliverables

For the Fall 2020 semester, youth designers deliver designs for three pieces: 1 to 2 color silkscreen prints for soft merchandise. Designers will also print their products for three formats; tote bags, t-shirts, and scarves.

For the Spring 2021 semester, youth designers will create fine art prints and develop a social media marketing campaign. They will also go to market with their products online and in-person if the climate of the pandemic permits. 

Youth designers are encouraged not to miss any of their sessions. We can give designers the ability to make up their hours based on the youth designer’s needs and agreement with the YAP manager. 

YAP is open Wed. – Fri. from 3 – 6 PM for open studio. This schedule is for the Fall semester and may change for the Spring Semester. 

Proposed Timeframe for the Fall 2020: Sessions 1 -7

If you are unable to come to our first meeting, that is okay. Please feel free to contact us and we can negotiate a schedule to complete your hours.

  1. The first meeting, Friday, October 23 – 2 days. Two-hour session: 4 – 6 PM
  2. Week of October 28 – 30 – 2 days. Two-hour sessions: 4 – 6 PM
  3. Week of November 4 – 6 – 2 days. Two-hour sessions: 4 – 6 PM
  4. Week of November 11 – 13 – 2 days. Two-hour sessions: 4 – 6 PM
  5. Week of December 2 – 4 – 2 days. Two-hour sessions: 4 – 6 PM
  6. Week of December 9 – 11 – 2 days. Two-hour sessions: 4 – 6 PM
  7. Week of December 16 – 18 – 2 days. Two-hour sessions: 4 – 6 PM

Week 1: Intro to creating a branded image or name. Intro to civil rights activist profiles. 

Week 2: Workshop on printmaking methods: stencil and drawing fluid

Week 3: designing ideas and development for #socialjusticefashion

Week 4: Finalizing designs and developing materials for printing the designs

Week 5: Printing

Week 6: Printing continued, writing a brand and creator statement 

Week 7: Printing continued, photographing products

Social Distance Practices at YAP

The Youth Artist Program is committed to keeping everyone safe during all in-house learning. The following procedures are for everyone’s safety and protection during the pandemic.

  • Upon entering the building, one must get their temperature checked by designated Taller staff. 
  • Everyone needs to wear a mask during the entire time you are at the program. 
  • We require that all youth artists and staff wash their hands before working on their projects. 
  • The studio provides a designated station for each youth artist to use. 
  • Youth artists are required to maintain all of their belongings and food at their stations. 
  • We can equip everyone with extra gloves and masks upon request. 
  • We also have hand sanitizing stations as well as plenty of soap at our sinks. 
  • Youth artists are also going to be assigned materials that will be for their use only.