The Drawing Dojo

4-week portfolio prep workshops July 28 – August 19
Application Deadline is July 26, 2020

The youth artist program is holding drawing workshops for four weeks. The group meets three days a week and has a limited capacity of 10 seats. The application serves students on a first-come-first-serve basis. This program is free for all current and former YAP students up to the age of 18. There is

The program provides Lunch.

Cost: The Program is FREE

Youth Artist Program Agreement
The Taller Puertorriqueño and the Youth Artist Program agree to apply all social distancing measures and recommendations provided by the Community Economic Development (CED) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. All staff is aware of the rules of maintaining a reasonable distance. Staff will be wearing masks at all times and offer protective gloves and hand sanitizer in all studios. The program ends at 3 PM and provides lunch at 12:30 PM. All staff interacting with students have clearances that meet the requirements of the Philadelphia Department of Human Services.

The class will focus on developing drawing skills regardless of level. The projects include; Still life, Portraiture, Interior Drawing, and Live Model Drawing.