PLAY Teen Zine 2020

This Years PLAY Teen Zine showcases work by YAP artists from the fall of 2019 to the Spring of 2020. To see the PDF click on the link below.

Welcome to the 8th edition of PLAY Teen Zine, a publication dedicated to showcasing the amazing talents of the youth artists at the Taller Puertorriqueño. Our Academic School year was cut short due to the international emergency known as Coronavirus COVID-19. Our program is under an impact of change as scholastic institutions close to undergo quarantine. This publication is a testament to the creative prowess and strength of the young people in our community during this international crisis. I am so proud of our students as they demonstrate their talents in Visual Arts as a vehicle for self-expression.  I am pleased to present this incredible collection of art made by high school students in our studio program. 

I also want to thank our volunteers, Mr. Freddy Pratts, and alumni, like Jean Ruíz and Kevin Hernández, who have contributed to the work that has made the Youth Artist Program a thriving space for young creatives. 

I want to let the community of YAP parents know that your children are incredible young people who have so much talent and intellect. Thank you so much for sharing them with the Arts Community at the Taller Puertorriqueño. 


Daniel de Jesús

Youth Artist Program Manager & Outreach Support